The Song of the Sea

There are a million ways to write speculative fiction. It’s one of the reasons I love the genre so very much. Possibility is infinite. Potential is limitless. 

Personally, rather than looking beyond our world for inspiration, I prefer to narrow my focus; to peer even more closely at our own world. For me, nature is magic. I’ve always been an outdoorsy person. I’ve always preferred groves of trees to clumps of buildings; the sound of moving water to the happy buzz of conversation in a coffee shop; the tapestry of color roving up the side of a mountain to anything you might see hanging on a wall. 

 So when it came time to create seven worlds and a magic system for each, I looked for inspiration in Earth’s wilderness.

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| Inclusive OR |

Please join me in welcoming new steaMG member Aimee Lucido.

When people find out that I’m a writer and a software engineer, I usually get one of two reactions. People either respond with something along the lines of “Coding and writing? They’re so different!” or “Girls in STEM is so trendy right now. You should write about it!” Both of these reactions used to drive me nuts.

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New steaMG Author Book Out Today!

Happy Book Birthday to Joshua S. Levy!

School hasn't just gotten out: it's gone clear across the galaxy. And now it's up to Jack and his friends to get everyone home.

PSS 118 is just your typical school except that it's a rickety old spaceship orbiting Jupiter. When the school is mysteriously attacked, thirteen-year-old Jack receives a cryptic message from his father (the school's recently-fired-for-tinkering-with-the-ship science teacher). Amidst the chaos, Jack discovers that his dad has built humanity's first light-speed engine and given Jack control of it. To save the ship, Jack catapults it hundreds of light-years away and right into the clutches of the first aliens humans have ever seen. 

SeventhGrade_vsGalaxy [Cover Image]-1.jpg