As an author collective, we run the gamut of pure sci-fi, speculative, science-inspired fantasy and non-fiction. The one thing we all have in common— we are inspired by the question “What if?”

We are committed to seeing more sci-fi and science-inspired fiction in the hands of middle grade readers. Our imaginations have always been fueled by science and the natural world. We know firsthand that studying STEM related subjects not only produces great analytical thinkers and brilliant scientists— it produces empathetic humans.

We love to hear from teachers and librarians. What tools can we provide you to help you get science-inspired fiction into the hands of your students? Please let us know.

We are always looking for more members and contributors to the blog. If you are a traditionally published author with a middle grade sci-fi or science-inspired novel (already published or coming in 2019-20) please contact Nicole Valentine.